ZiUm – Zimmer zur Untermiete für Studierende

Mo - Do 10 - 13 Uhr

The new non-profit organisation ZiUm introduces itself.

- Do you have an unused room in your house/flat?
- Would you like to exchange ideas with people from other parts of Switzerland or from other countries in general?
- Do you like being a temporary host/hostess?
- You would be happy to have uncomplicated, practical support in your everyday life from babysitting to
to mow the lawn?

Why not sublet a room to students or trainees? Those in other countries
and cities very popular and successful form of room subletting to students and
Trainees are an enrichment for both sides - landlords and students.

Landlords interested in subletting contact ZiUm; a detailed discussion takes place in order to be able to classify the needs of the landlord (e.g. interest in a short- or long-term rental, rental only during the week, rental combined with concrete assistance, suitability of the rental property, etc.). Afterwards, the rental property is added to a property pool at ZiUm. Interested students must fill out a detailed application form. Based on this application and the conversation with the renter, the ZiUm staff member checks how far the renter's ideas match those of the student and, in the case of a positive result and after
Consultation with the persons concerned to establish contact between the two parties.
The two parties are accompanied by ZiUm until the conclusion of a tenancy agreement.

Would you like to learn more? We would be happy to send you our information documents. Or
we will arrange a non-binding telephone or personal meeting. Could someone in your circle of friends or acquaintances be interested in our project? Please pass on our contact details. Thank you!

We are pleased