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Planet 13 - A self-managed project by people from below, people affected by poverty, help for self-help

The self-help project was developed by people affected by poverty for other people affected by poverty and those at risk of poverty and realised independently. However, the Planet13 Internet café is open to all interested parties. The Planet13 team, people affected by poverty and people at risk of poverty run the internet café independently and on a voluntary basis. Among them are social welfare recipients, pensioners who experience poverty in old age. Students who have a small budget. Asylum seekers, IV pensioners, unemployed people, etc.

uni from below - teaching and learning - learning and teaching

the monthly lectures, readings and discussion evenings of our *uni from below" (our continuing education programme)

uni from below - our educational programme (lectures, readings, discussions) Mondays 7.00 p.m.

Film evenings and exhibitions


Film evenings - every Friday evening 8.00 p.m.


Computer courses for beginners and advanced students

Linux workshop (operating systems Ubuntu and Linux)

German courses for foreign speakers

English courses