EPPA Emanzipatorisch Partizipative Pflanzen Apotheke - https://kretiundpleti.ch

EPPA Emancipatory Participatory Plant Pharmacy

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Opening time: every first Saturday of the month (14-17:00)

Die EPPA  möchte Heilkräuter und das Wissen darüber zugänglich machen, den Austausch darüber fördern und Gleichgesinnte zusammenbringen.

The meetings for the organisation of the EPPA are open, all interested parties can participate.

We inform about upcoming events via a mailing list or flyer. If you would like to be on the mailing list or if you have any other questions, ideas or suggestions, please write to us at eppa@immerda.ch.

Detailed self-description:

Recently, a self-managed herbal pharmacy, the EPPA, opened in the courtyard of Mattenstrasse 76 in Basel. We want to create a place where people can share health-specific knowledge and find herbal medicine. We observe and experience ourselves that access to medicine is a privilege that not all people have in the same way. Whether it is due to lack of papers or lack of money, we are fundamentally against such exclusion mechanisms.

EPPA offers an alternative for all those who, like us, want to become more independent from conventional medicine and the pharmaceutical companies. In dealing with health, we want to give each other the tools to take care of ourselves. This creates the basis for a self-determined life. We see the EPPA herbal pharmacy as a step towards building collective care structures independent of the commercial health system.

Specifically, there is now this space to share knowledge on medicinal plants and medical topics, to get advice on them, to pick up tea herbs, tinctures or ointments. Specific theme evenings are held regularly. Together we collect and process the herbs we need. Books on various topics and a card index of available medicinal herbal preparations are available in the pharmacy.

We are people who are fascinated by naturopathy, have acquired more and less in-depth knowledge, want to share this knowledge and enjoy venturing alternatives to the existing. Interested people are welcome to shape the space and the ideas with us.