Capribar -


Opening hours: Mon - Thurs 9am - 1pm + 5pm - 2pm Fri - Sat 9am - 2pm Sun 9am - 10pm closed Tuesdays

Capribar is a collectiv-run café-bar in the klybeck-neighbourhood.

The Capribar has now existed for over 10 years as a collectively (un)managed café-bar, a place to read newspapers and linger, without any compulsion to consume. In addition to coffee, tea, beer and schnapps, there are also concerts, readings and other events. We try to keep our prices low and the various events are always free of charge (but there is a collection fee).

The bar collective is also always looking for reinforcements. So if you are interested in joining us, feel free to get in touch. Even if you want to organise a concert or an event, this is possible without any problems in most cases. Just write us an email or come by!

The place is only barrier-free to a very limited extent. There are two steps at the entrance and the space is rather tight. There is a small outdoor area.